The mission of the Economic Empowerment Foundation (EEF), is to provide fun and immediately applicable educational opportunities for children and families related to money mastery and entrepreneurship with a vision for sustainable economic independence and community benefit.

The Need

Recent research reveals:

  • $73,000- the average starting salary teens expect to earn*
  • 89% of teachers agree or strongly agree that students should take a financial literacy course or pass a test for high school graduation**
  • 25% Unemployment for 16-19 year olds and 13.3% for 20-24 year olds in 2012***
  • 86% of students say they would rather learn about money management in class before making mistakes in the real world.*

Clearly, today’s youth are not prepared to take on the financial burdens of tomorrow.


Whether it’s receiving our first allowance or signing our first rental agreement, the basis for financial literacy and money management begins in the home. Empowering kids and their families with the confidence to understand and tackle the complexities of fiscal responsibility creates stronger communities and a wealthier future. This is what the Economic Empowerment Foundation is all about.

Through innovative, thoughtful and easy-to-understand programs designed to be immediately applicable in the real world, the EEF teaches the practical skills that will give a new generation the self-assurance to become masters, instead of slaves, to their money.

We Need Your Help

Be a part of the solution and improve financial literacy in America. You’ll provide much needed education to today’s youth, allowing them to become masters, instead of slaves, to their money. Your generous sponsorship will go directly to fund a gift of a lifetime for today’s youth—the gift of financial literacy. Please contact us today to learn how you can provide tax-deductible contributions to our nonprofit initiatives. Contribute now by clicking here.

*2011 Charles Schwab Teens and Money Survey

**2010 National Endowment for Financial Education National Survey

***U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics