Whether it’s receiving our first allowance, purchasing a home or strengthening a retirement nest egg, the basis for financial literacy and money management begins at home. Empowering families and households with the confidence they need to understand and tackle the complexities of fiscal responsibility creates stronger communities and a wealthier future. Founded by Sharon Lechter in 2007, this is what Pay Your Family First is all about.

Through innovative, thoughtful and easy to understand programs and products designed to be immediately applicable in the real world, Pay Your Family First teaches the practical skills that will give youth and concerned adults alike the self-assurance to become masters, instead of slaves to money.   

Youth Programs:
 Whether you are looking for at home resources or in classroom opportunities for financial education, Pay Your Family First has tools and programs that are engaging and fun and can be delivered in a variety of settings. Learn more about what you can be doing today to ensure youth do more than just survive…. that they Thrive into their future!   

Women’s Programs:
 As natural collaborators and multi-taskers, women already add value and give back to their families and communities- two key ingredients to creating wealth and success. Learn how to leverage these natural abilities and turn them into strategies for creating more sound personal and financial well-being. Learn more about how you can empower the women in your lives today!